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Our Mission

To assist severe burn victims through their physical and psychological healing process, and support their families and friends, so that all can proceed towards a renewed life »Such is the mission of Helping Hand for Burn Survivor. It is now part of one of the 2 Specialised Centers in Quebec for treating burnt victims. It's mission encompass the adult population of the western part of Quebec and the children population of the whole province. It works closely with the acute care Burn Unit at Hopital Hotel Dieu, Ste-Justine Hospital, the Montreal Children's Hospital and with the rehabilitation centers Villa Medica and Marie Enfant Hospital, dedicated to the rehabilitation or children patients.


Burning hand for Burn Survivor was founded in April 2004 by Mrs Louise Lapointe,Sophie Sureau and Dr Leo Lasalle.

In 1984, Mrs Lapointe sustained very important burn injuries during a humanitary mission in China. The car she was in exploded. 4 persons died. She was the only survivor in a very remote village and it took days before she could get the needed care. She wanted other persons in her situation to have better tools to be able to relive again.

Mrs Sophie Sureau was one of the victims of the Bali bomb blast in 2002. She did not want others to go through the intense distress she felt following her ordeal.

Dr Leo Lasalle' young son was 2 years old when he suffered sclalding injuries of the 3rd degree on 20% of his TBSA. Dr Lasalle himself worked in this field and wanted to facilitate the psycho-social reinsertion of burn victims after seing so many patients go helplessly once they had left the hospital and rehabilitaion surroundings.

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