Poverty Mutual Aid Inc.

Registered Name: Entraide Pauvreté-Poverty Mutual Aid Inc.

Business Number: 800809634RR0001

   Founded in February 2007, Poverty Mutual Aid - Entraide Pauvreté gave itself  the goal right at the start to make food donations to the soup kitchens and the food banks with bottles and cans recycling, products sales and special events.

   The main recipients were the Ray of Hope soup kitchen, the Karing kitchen, the mobile kitchen Mobile One, the house of Nazareth, the Christian food bank and the Open hands food bank.

   Since June 2014, we are an  incorporated organism with a 3 members administration council.. Victor Paulin (President), Jean Lambert (Tresurer) and Michel Noël (Secretary).

   We meet together about 4 times an year in order to discuss about fund raising activities and submit the financial reports to the tresurer.

   Since June 2015, we are registered to the federal with a charity number so we can provide official income tax  receipts.

       Our goal is to create a reserv fund for giving funds or food to other registered organisms working on the less fortunate people behalf like the St.Georges Anglican church for their community monthly meals We also support the Humanity Project which help the less fortunate with a daily meal and other basic needs.

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