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Annual 2024 fund raising

Registered Name: Entraide Pauvreté-Poverty Mutual Aid Inc.

Business No: 800809634RR0001

Annual 2024 fund raising

Hi everybody

  My name is Victor Paulin from Poverty Mutual Aid Inc.

It is a registered non profit organization located in Moncton, New-Brunswick, Canada. Our goal is to help the poor people and provide food for the soup kitchens for their daily meals.

  My regular fund raising activities are redeeming bottles and cans and seeking donations from local businesses and individuals.

We are starting the annual 2024 fund raising campaign which will go until mid-November. Our goal is to raise $5,000 or more. Together, it is possible. We are asking for your generosity because the need to help the less fortunate is very high because of the raising cost of the basic needs.

  So your help in still very important during those hard times this year.

  Look at those activities pictures and thanks in advance for your generosity it for a very urgent good cause.