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Our Mission

At the Environmental Law Centre we envision an Alberta where the environment is a priority. We see a society where environmental concerns guide our choices. We believe that if we make the right choices, future generations will enjoy a clean, healthy and diverse environment protected by strong, effective laws and Albertans will actively and meaningfully engage in environmental decision-making.

Our publications and critiques, web-based tools, and information services put crucial information in the hands of all Albertans who have the power to influence environmental change: community organizations, everyday citizens, corporations, lawyers and policy-makers. These groups turn to us for the information and resources they need to protect their interests.

Our plain language services make the complexity of law and environmental issues accessible for everyone. We speak and act on behalf of those who are unable to do so. Our work means that decision-making will be stronger and more equitable for Albertans.

About Environmental Law Centre

As Alberta's leading environmental public policy and law reform charity, the Environmental Law Centre has spent the last thirty-threeyears advancing Alberta's environmental laws, promoting cutting-edge legislation and supporting the rights of all Albertans to have a fair say in their future.

Your gift to the Environmental Law Centre ensures that critical research, education, and public participation programs are provided to thousands of Albertans who want to protect our environment and natural wealth.

Your donation provides other environmental groups with the resources they need to advocate for their causes. You provide decision-makers with the information they need to develop sound law and policy to protect our health, prosperity and well-being.

As a donor, you guarantee that the Environmental Law Centre can provide an important and objective perspective on balancing environmental, social and economic values for the public good.

Thank you for your generous donation!

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