Epilepsy Association of Calgary


Business Number: 118900778RR0001

Our Mission

To support independence, quality of life, and community participation of persons with and affected by epilepsy.

About the Epilepsy Association of Calgary

The Epilepsy Association of Calgary is a charitable organization that provides Support Services to anyone with, or concerned with epilepsy. We also provide Community Education on epilepsy, seizure recognition and first aid, and importantly - attempt to eliminate fear and stigma that have commonly surrounded epilepsy. A number of volunteer opportunites are also available.

The Epilepsy Association of Calgary operates a satellite office in Red Deer, Alberta to serve Central Albertans affected by epilepsy. Contact information for the satellite office can be found on our website.

What People Are Saying

"What a difference a day makes!"

— A young boy with epilepsy after his class learned about seizures.

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