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Have you ever thought you didn’t have a connection to epilepsy or a seizure disorder? Do you know 100 people? 1 in 100 is the number of people worldwide that the World Health Organization reports as having this neurological disease. It could be the man waiting to catch the bus, your neighbour's child who is home from school, or just the person sitting beside you in the café. So now, do you have a connection to epilepsy?


For more than 30 years, Epilepsy Durham Region has worked to protect and advocate for people and their families that are touched by a epilepsy or a seizure disorder. With a mission to improve the quality of life, this local community agency is dedicated to providing a caring and safe environment, and promoting independence through support, advocacy, and public education. Raising awareness to dispel myths and erase stigma are key priorities.

Every day we meet people who, after a diagnosis of epilepsy want to understand what epilepsy means and how it will affect them and their loved ones. With individualized, tailored support we help to maintain a caring culture and are committed to strengthening clients' and families' ability to manage the physical, psychological and social effects of epilepsy.

As a registered Canadian charity with no access to United Way nor government funding we continue to fulfill our mission thanks to the countless Canadians who have supported our cause with their time and donations.

What People Are Saying

"Epilepsy Durham Region (EDR) has provided me with the support I need as a woman. Educational support, finding the best doctors, eliminating the stigma around epilepsy, EDR is there to help. I cannot express my gratitude enough that such an impactful charity is available and involved with each person"

— Marla | Epilepsy Ambassador

"Epilepsy Durham Region goes above and beyond to present us with opportunities to learn/improve our lives if we are just willing to take advantage of the resources they offer. I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to them for all they do to bring epilepsy out of the shadows."

— Lorraine | Epilepsy Durham Region supported individual

"My family has benefited so much from being involved with Epilepsy Durham Region; the greatest benefit was my son knowing he wasn’t alone. Thank you Epilepsy Durham Region for continually creating wonderful and innovated events to help strengthen the voice of epilepsy in our community."

— Vicki, Cameron’s mom | Epilepsy Durham Region Family

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