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Clinic To Community

“We were afraid”   |   “We had never been instructed in seizure first aid”   | “Someone else made the decision for us”

 Knowing what to expect, what to do, and how manage is important for every person diagnosed with epilepsy. Every day we meet people who want to understand what living with epilepsy means and how it will affect them and their loved ones. In order to obtain the best possible success for treatment of epilepsy, it is critical that everyone in the family is educated and becomes comfortable with the diagnosis.

Clinic to Community is a coordinated care program that provides customized counselling to families to help them to better understand epilepsy and to cope with the fear associated with the unpredictability of the next seizure by:

  • Teaching families what to document before, during, and after a seizure
  • Identify triggers that provoke seizures
  • Prepare families for medical appointments to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment
  • Help families to understand treatment options
  • Provide families with lifestyle strategies to better manage living with epilepsy
  • Connect families with community services available locally

Patients should be educated about the essential role they play in the decision making and be given effective tools to help them understand their options and the consequences of their decisions. They should also receive the emotional support they need to express their values and preferences and be able to ask questions without censure…”

– IOM Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century

Your donation of $50.00 today will provide the knowledge needed to reduce the burden of epilepsy on a family and help them to live well with their diagnosis.