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Education Materials

Education is the gift that keeps giving.

Every day we meet people who are looking for more information about what it means to live with epilepsy, and how it will affect their lives and the lives of their loved ones; they so often feel isolated, discriminated against and misunderstood.

Epilepsy Durham Region’s education materials and lending library provide both strategies to living with epilepsy for an individual and their family touched by this neurological disease, as well as information for the general public, teachers, healthcare professionals, employers and caregivers.

Topics include:

  • Living with Epilepsy
  • Safety
  • Seizures and First Aid
  • A Guide for Caregivers and Professionals
  • A Guide for Parents
  • A Guide for Teachers
  • Women and Epilepsy
  • Seniors and Epilepsy

and many more:

Your donation of $25.00 will provide the knowledge to help promote inclusion, a safe environment, and the knowledge needed for the well-being of a person with epilepsy.