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Gift Cards for a Family in Need


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Gift Cards for a Family in Need

“I am the primary care giver for my son and was required to leave my job to care for him. During Daniel’s recovery we will be staying/sleeping at Sick Kids Hospital and Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation. The expenses associated with his treatment are very worrisome and frightening. Thank you for helping families like us.”

Imagine being unable to work because of your chronic illness. Imagine being a caregiver of someone with a chronic disease and providing for your family on one or no income. This is a reality for many families touched by epilepsy. Making the decision between purchasing medication, or paying for rent and groceries should never be a choice a family has to make.

Your donation of $25.00 could purchase a gift card needed to provide food, everyday essential items, or assist with transportation costs to medical appointments for a family in need.