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Epilepsy South Central Ontario


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Fair Share for Epilepsy Support

Campaign Ended April 30, 2019

Epilepsy can be shattering, devastating and unnerving.

Epilepsy South Central Ontario is here to ensure that the 25,000 people in south central Ontario living with epilepsy have the support systems and services they need to improve and maintain a positive and successful quality of life.

Please contribute by making a one-time or monthly donation. Epilepsy support is not government funded. We rely on corporate funding and grants, and donations from people just like you.

Help us to help those who need our guidance, our support, our experience.

Epilepsy Support:  It's what we do..., it's all we do..., and we do it well!

When you give to Epilepsy South Central Ontario you not only support our programs and services, you help empower people take back their lives!


• Sunny Days Camp for Kids • Youth Empowerment Programs • Family Support and Counselling • Individual Support and Counselling • Public Awareness and Advocacy • Epilepsy Education • Employment Workshops • Epilepsy First Aid Safety Workshops •

Because of your contribution, we can continue to provide all of these programs, services and so much more.

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