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Global Hunger Crisis

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Global Hunger Crisis

Right now, our world is experiencing a global hunger crisis. Over 190 million people are suffering from emergency levels of hunger every single day.

Today, you can save lives by bringing emergency food to families in Yemen and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Yemen and the DRC are facing two of the most extreme humanitarian emergencies in the world. In the DRC, over 27 million people are struggling to find food each day, which includes families with small children. The country has seen active conflict for over 25 years and thousands of people die every year from armed violence. In Yemen, millions of people, including small children, are at risk of starvation from famine.

ERDO and our partners on the ground in Yemen and the DRC are actively feeding families each month.

In Yemen, ERDO’s local partners are bringing monthly food baskets to 1,225 families, which is over 9,000 people. These baskets contain flour, beans, vegetable oil and salt. The families we are working with live on the edge of an active conflict zone, and are in desperate need. Your donation of any amount will save lives.

In DRC, our local partners are distributing monthly food baskets to 1,180 families. Emergency food is given out alongside ministry programs, like trauma counselling and education programs for children.

Every dollar donated to Yemen and DRC are being match 4x by Canadian Foodgrains Bank!

Thank you for a donation of any amount.