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Registered Name: ERDO

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Guatemala Volcano Relief

Campaign Ended Jan. 1, 2019
Over 100 people have lost their lives and over 200 people are still unaccounted for after a volcano erupted in Guatemala on Sunday, June 3rd. 
The eruption unleashed a deadly mix of ash, rock and volcanic gases more than six miles into the sky. Rescue workers have been searching frantically for survivors and victims buried in the lava-ravaged landscape.
The Fuego volcano eruption was Guatemala’s biggest and most violent volcanic eruption the country has seen for more than 40 years and the Guatemalan government has declared a state of public calamity.Early reports indicate that a full recovery from the disaster could take more than a year to complete.
ERDO is partnering with PAOC global workers Hector and Ruth Aragon, as well as the Assemblies of God Guatemala. We are currently assessing the situation and will be responding to greatest need in the weeks to come. Please check back for updates.
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