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About Us

At Erin Mills Youth Centre we are committed to the welfare of our youth and our community in SW Mississauga. After having worked with so many smart, thoughtful, talented and energetic youth, it is our conviction that every child in our community has so much to contribute to this world—to the very community they live in.

Erin Mills Youth Centre aspires to meet the needs in our community, particularly focusing on young men and women. We want to be sure every child has the opportunity to grow and explore her passions and interests. We seek to not only provide leadership and volunteer opportunities, but real jobs for local youth who become leaders within their own community.

Every youth who experiences the hope of discovery, the joy of giving back and the empowerment of achievement leaves an impact that reaches deep into the community. Each youth has the power to inspire the next generation and bring lasting change to the community. Erin Mills Youth Centre counts it a privilege to journey with these amazing young people!

Our Community

“Pockets of Poverty” exist across Peel Region and particularly in Erin Mills. What may appear to be a sea of prosperity in the city, is home to small islands of poverty where children, youth and their families often experience isolation as they strive against low wage jobs, under-employment and unemployment.  Recent statistics for one pocket of poverty in west Mississauga shows one-in-four people living under the poverty line, four of ten households being single parent, many of whom have escaped abusive situations and are trying to re-establish a home. 

The "Buzz"

“When we come here, we can do our homework or we can be active instead of just staying home and playing video games.”

“They [program facilitators] make us feel like we’re something in society.”

“I like coming to ‘Girlz’ Club. I’ve made a lot of friends.”

“I learned a lot of skills from the program.”

“There aren’t a lot of programs out there that give you these opportunities – it gave me a shot at the job I have now.”

Our Vision

We want to increase:

  • youth after-school activities
  • youth leadership opportunities
  • youth jobs

To do this we will:

  • meet the daily food needs of youth
  • create safe spaces and opportunities for youth programming
  • build bridges to employment for youth
  • support youth-driven initiatives 

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