Erindale Presbyterian Church


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Moving forward in faith

We have a story to tell  about what God is doing among us!

Our mission is to partner with God to transform the world by offering help, hope, and healing in the name of Jesus.

Worshipping Together

Because of your gifts, we have the opportunity to worship together in a space where we feel love and peace. We preach grace, love and forgiveness. Our services are creative, dynamic and uplifting.

We laugh with those who laugh, and mourn with those who mourn at spiritually significant moments in their lives. When someone from the Erindale family dies, we are grateful to God when we have the opportunity to celebrate their life through a time of worship. This year in worship we had the joy of baptizing three little ones, and welcoming four new people into the Erindale family.

People have found strength and comfort in our worship gatherings as we learn, share the gospel, sing, and pray together.


Spiritual Learning

Because of your financial gifts, there are many opportunities to grow in faith at Erindale. We grow in our knowledge of Christ and we experience God in many ways as he begins to form his character in us.

Tuesday morning Bible Fellowship meets weekly in the morning, and ELF meets one Monday each month in the afternoon. Our Minister, Rev. Jen, leads seasonal Bible Studies. We have a number of Jr. High youth, who meet outside of Sunday morning worship.

Each Sunday our Children’s Church gathers to learn the stories of our faith. They are led by Paola and Sophie, who pray with them, encourage them, and help them to grow in faith. Because of your gifts we have been able to focus on our children’s ministry, and God has blessed this faithfulness in abundance. We have many children who come to learn and grow in faith together.


Community Caring

“Erindale is a family. One that accepts each other as we are. One that loves and cares for each other. One where we gladly use our God given gifts wherever they are needed.”

- A quote from a member

As we live in authentic community with others, Christ uses our relationships to change us and mature our faith.

Your gifts provide the opportunity for our Minister to visit those who are hurting or in hospital. They also allow us to send cards and flowers, meals, and other forms of care to those who are suffering.

Your gifts also enable us to respond to needs within our community, special projects that arise, and they support our Mission Possible Kids ministry that is a hands on community outreach ministry.

Your minister frequently receives calls from community members in crisis, and because of your gifts we are often able to respond in practical ways.

We feed the hungry through active involvement with our local Food Bank, The Deacon’s Cupboard, providing ongoing support through donations of non-perishable food.



Whether it is down the street or across the ocean, we are making a tangible and significant difference for the Kingdom of Christ in the world. We have been called to extend the love, grace and hope of Jesus to a lost and dying world, and we understand that it starts right where we find ourselves.

Because of your gifts our Minister is able to be a part of The Erindale Village Association, allowing us to better understand our neighbourhood and its needs.

Through World Vision we sponsor Rima, a young girl living in Bangledesh.

Your generosity has provided our faith family with the opportunity to begin the process of sponsoring an Iranian refugee family living in Iraq.

Our new sign is up and it is a beacon to our community that God is doing a new thing among us. This sign is a result of your faith in what God has planned for Erindale.

We support with your gifts, the work of the larger church through Presbyterians Sharing and Presbyterian World Service & Development.


When you give

When you give to Erindale Church, you are not simply giving to a BUDGET – but rather in your giving, you are investing in people’s hearts and lives in the name of Jesus.

  • You enable Erindale to reach out in hands on ways
  • You provide a space for us to gather for worship and grow as a family.
  • You allow us the opportunity to care for one another, offering ministry programs that help us to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • When you give – you help to care for the beautiful physical space in which we meet - the church building - so that we have a physical space TO invest in people’s lives.


How is Erindale Financially Supported?

Wholly by the gifts you and the rest of the congregation give.

The Erindale Leadership is constantly & prayerfully discerning the future of our congregation. Therefore, your gifts are handled with care and received with deep thanks to God.

Please make your commitment today to support the work that God is doing through us for the sake of love.

Our spending reflects our values as we worship, serve, care and share together!

Thank you!

Erindale is a community of faith located in the heart of Mississauga. We are a family of God who seeks to grow in faith, hope and love; seeking to respond to God’s nudge to be transformed by the Spirit.   We support one another, while making a difference in one another’s lives – and our world – in the name of Jesus.

Worship is welcoming, musical, joyful and Spirit led!  Whether you are new to the area, new to the faith, or rediscovering your church background, we are here for you!We have a variety of ministry opportunities that are open to all.
When you walk through the doors at Erindale you are not walking through the doors of your customary Sunday morning church, rather, a place that is filled with the joyful energy of a people whose primary goal is to represent the love of God as shown in Jesus.We are a flourishing faith community, who is committed to growing in faith by sharing and loving others.Come see for yourself what God’s Spirit is doing here at Erindale by joining us this Sunday at 10am.

We Worship...

Each Sunday morning at 10am we gather together to be reminded that we are God’s beloved children, and that we are called to live faithfully in response to that love.Worship is joyful and vibrant, and the message always tries to connect with us where we are at in our own journey: making sense of faith and life. All are welcome and we hope you will come and experience worship at Erindale.
We have a Children’s church ministry from September-June. Children begin worship together with the adults in the Sanctuary, and then after the children’s story they make their way to age appropriate programming.We also have a well-equipped nursery for parents with babies and toddlers.Each week (September-June) our choir meets on Thursdays at 7:30pm in order to prepare and lead our music ministry on Sunday mornings. We welcome you to come to any of the practices! Talk with Ani Imastounian, our Music Director, for details. 

We grow...

We know that each one of us is on a journey, and we are called to be a people who are constantly being transformed into those who love and live more deeply and authentically.To help facilitate this we offer a number of opportunities for growth for all ages, on an ongoing basis. See the weekly calendar, website, or speak with the minister or greeters for more information and details about ministries geared for growth. Some include: Bible Fellowship, Living Spiritually?Events, and Mission Possible Kids. 

We are enriched...

We are a faith family. Throughout the weeks, we make sure we have plenty of opportunity to get to know one another more deeply so that we can more deeply care for one another. We invite YOU to be a part of this growing family for any and all of the opportunities for enriching relationships with one another which include things like:

  • Craft Group
  • Erindale Ladies Fellowship
  • Erindale Luncheon Club ?
  • Friendraising
  • Gentle Christian Yoga
  • High Youth
  • Pastoral Care

We Serve...

?In response to God's call to love our neighbour, Erindale reaches out in love to a number of organizations, including:?
  • Armagh:  We help this shelter celebrate Christmas through provision of pajamas and slippers
  • Caring and Sharing: We help provide food for families in need
  • Christie Refugee Centre:  We participate in a number of projects to help refugees transition from the centre to their new home in Canada
  • The Deacon’s Cupboard:  We support this local food bank with volunteers, donations and financial gifts
  • TEAM Moms:  We provide gift cards and diapers for Teen Moms in Mississauga
  • World Vision Sponsored Child:  We support Rima, a 13 year old from Bangladesh We also support those who are hurting through our own:
  • Good Samaritan Fund:  A fund provided by the people of Erindale church, for those in crisis situations
  • Prayer Chain ?
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry
  • Mission Possible Kids Ministry
Children meet once a month to make a difference in hands-on ways Erindale enthusiastically supports the work and ministry of the larger Presbyterian Church through:
  • Presbyterians Sharing ?
  • Presbyterian World Service and ?Development ?
 Erindale has a rich history of serving the community, having Sponsored a Refugee family, provided hundreds of pounds of food for the Mississauga Food bank, raised money for a new Washer and Dryer for Armagh, and provided dozens of reading lamps for children living in Ghana. We seek to faithfully respond as the need arises.

Our Memory Garden...

?Our Memory Garden is an important and unique part of Erindale’s grounds. It has been designated as a place where we scatter or bury the ashes of loved ones, and it continues to give friends and family comfort. It is also a place of quiet contemplation, a little pocket of peace in the midst of busy Mississauga. It is located off Dundas Street, just west of the front door entrance. 

What we believe...

  • The Bible is God’s love letter to us, telling us we are loved and we are God’s children.
  • God loves each of us unconditionally. ?
  • By God’s Spirit we are guided and given ?courage, strength and peace. ?
  • If we confess our wrongdoing, God forgives us. ?
  • God offers us life forever.
  • Each of us is filled with the fruits of the Spirit, and we are called to nurture them: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self- control ?
  • God has made us each part of the body of Christ so we have something special to offer.

 Come see for yourself what God is doing here at Erindale? by joining us this Sunday at 10am. Together, we are building?the body of Christ! Check out our website for details about all of these groups, ministries and activities.

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