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Partners In Sustainability


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Partners In Sustainability

Do you want to make a difference and take climate action? In addition to providing a way for businesses to demonstrate leadership in corporate social responsibility, Partners in Sustainability is also intended as a way for individuals to to reduce their carbon footprints by planting trees in our region.    

A donation of $5 will plant one native seedling tree at a restoration site, allowing individuals and families to take climate action and reduce their carbon impacts through local tree planting efforts. 

Drive less, fly less, reduce your energy consumption, compost food waste, say ‘no’ to fast fashion, and consider planting trees as your personal commitments to climate action.


Drive 100 kilometres = plant 1 tree = $5 donation

Fly 1000 kilometres = plant 4 trees = $20 donation 

Electricity Usage (average annual) on 1500 square foot home = plant 10 trees = $50 donation

Natural Gas Usage (average annual) on 1500 square foot home = plant 41 trees = $205 donation