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Haiti Projects 2024


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Haiti Projects 2024

In Haiti the challenges are very real and experienced daily. The projects the ECCC is committed to supporting continue. The ECCC has formed many important relationships with people in Haiti who work to invest in their communities and country.

Many live on the margins and during this particular season, there is no room for the projects to stop the work. Work that brings food to hungry children in a poor neighbourhood of Petite Anse in Cap-Haitian. Support means doctors who specialize in diabetic treatment can give medicine to families in Haut Limbe and surrounding communities. Funding to Aquaculture farmers who sustainably grow and sell their fish to feed the people in their area. Help for elderly people to receive supplements for a month of meals. It’s these people who are visionaries, dreamers and implementers that help the community thrive. 

Join us in our 2024 yearlong campaign to continue to provide the support that kids are fed, mothers can afford medicine, farmers have the tools to harvest, and elderly people who are cared for. The story continues because you have seen it. You have absorbed it and you share it. It’s time to share, pray and act.

Share the stories, share this campaign, share your heart for Haiti. Pray, pray for the health of our dear friends. Act, give now and monthly toward the projects. The needs only continue to grow. We need your stories, your passion and your action to save lives. Be a part of the movement by giving $25 monthly below.