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The Evangeline Recreation Society

Registered Name: Evangeline Recreation Society

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Resources, programming and a nutritious meal Monday- Friday, in Berwick NS. A place to go to feel like you're not alone.

The Evangeline Recreation Society


The Evangeline Recreation Society is a non judgmental social recreation club for people with any kind of mental health issue. There is no stigma or discrimination allowed at the club. From eating disorders, depression, PTSD or schizophrenia, everyone is welcome at "The Club".

In 1991 The Club opened its doors in Kentville Nova Scotia. At that time it was a place where people from the Annapolis Valley Regional Hospital's psychiatric out patient unit could come and have a cup of coffee and a chat with Peers and supporters. Over the years the location would change and in 2012 the Society purchased and renovated a church in Berwick Nova Scotia.

From accessing resources to food security, over the years the club has also offered many different types of Pyscho-Social Rehabilitation type programming. Some of which have included and not limited to art, music and laughter yoga as well as peer support and learning life skills in a safe fun atmosphere.

The Club is open Monday to Friday from 9-3. Coffee/tea and a chat are still a big part of what we do.  We also pride ourselves in offering a healthy lunch for sometimes 20 people. The Club has become a support network for many, not unlike family. Food security is very important and often difficult to fund aspects of The Club. Growing a large garden every year helps us increase our ability to feed our members healthy nutritious food. 

Your Support will help sustain the Evangeline Club so that it can continue to support people in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley.