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Help a caregiver manage the burden

Looking after a family member may be a labour of love, but it can be a lonely, stressful and difficult job. Over time, the ill person may change personality due to the illness, or as a result of medication. There are physical demands in caring for an adult, and emotional ones, as the illness is very serious and life-threatening. Other family members may not be able to step up and offer their help. At the end of the day, there may be no one to spell off an exhausted caregiver when they really need it. Getting out of the house for essentials can be a challenge if the loved one is too ill to be left alone, and the healthcare system only provides a limited amount of support in these situations.

Evergreen offers a caregiver drop in support twice a month, and telephone support inbetween. For a donation of $100 you can help provide the essential support to a family caregiver, replenishing their energy and boosting their spirits.