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Help an grieving adult cope


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Help an grieving adult cope

Many people have a really difficult time coping when someone close to them has died. It's especially difficult when the relationship they had with the person was complicated or out of order (ie. in the case of the death of a child.) It can be hard to get on with living. Feelings can run the gamut, from sadness to feeling like you're going crazy..

At Evergreen we offer one to one counselling, group support and resources. But often people need information that is simple and relevant to their situation that can be read in the privacy of their own home. We provide a Monthly Grief Resource Mailing to everyone who requests it. Every month a package arrives with some thoughts and suggestions. They're even tailored to the individual (special advice for those who have lost a spouse or a child, for men...) and the information tends to arrive right when its needed. Your gift of $35 will help one person through a 12 month period of this program.