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Registered Name: EVERGREEN

Business No: 131815763RR0001

Evergreen is a national non-profit transforming public spaces in our cities to build a healthier future for people and our planet.



With nearly 35 years of championing urban sustainability, we see the potential of our cities to solve some of the biggest issues facing our time and believe that our public spaces are the key to unlocking it. We see beyond the spaces that exist today and imagine them transformed into places where people and nature thrive. And we see a future where everyone can live a healthy life on a healthy planet.

After all, great places aren't just one thing; they're many. They're green places that are cleaner and more vibrant, community places that bring people together, and regenerative places that don't just help the planet but heal it as well.

But we don't do it alone. All of our work is done with the communities we serve to ensure that every place is transformed for the better and that our cities are bursting with life.

Because people and nature both deserve the right to a healthy life, and we want to protect that right long into the future.


Centre for Green Cities

550 Bayview Avenue, Suite 300

Toronto, ON, M4W 3X8

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