Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA)


Business Number: 892897166RR0001


EYA helps youth cultivate a lifelong love for nature and grow environmental leadership skills.


Founded in 1989, EYA engages and empowers youth to create meaningful, positive change for our community and environmental health. Our programs create transformative, low-barrier nature experiences for youth in urban spaces to foster community connectedness, build environmental stewardship skills, and enhance wellbeing and access to wild natural spaces in Vancouver. 


Each year, EYA engages over 1,000 youth in free multi-week programs at schools and our outdoor programming site in Strathcona Community Gardens, providing hands-on nature experiences and environmental skill-building in an urban setting. 

Native Plant Nursery - engaging inner city youth to grow and distribute thousands of free native plants, trees, and shrubs to support a network of wildlife gardens across the city.

Wildlife Citizen Science - working with a team of youth volunteers to monitor bee and bird populations in urban parks and green spaces, collecting data to help inform wildlife habitat conservation. 

Pollinator Stewardship - engaging youth volunteers to design, plant, and maintain urban pollinator habitat and raise and give away hundreds of native pollinator cocoons each year to schools and community groups.

Wild Mind - working with teachers to deliver a 4-series classroom program on urban biodiversity, taking biology out of the textbook and into the schoolyard.

What People Are Saying

"I'm more knowledgeable about native plants and appreciative of the environment around me. I've started branching out, contacting other groups, and taking on more individual projects to get the word out: our environment needs us and we need our environment - getting active is where you start."

— Gegan, age 16

"I've been much more aware of nature. When I'm walking outside, I take more time to appreciate all the insects I see on flowers. I've been struggling a lot with anxiety. Now that I'm able to appreciate pollinators, and nature in general, it's been easier to get out and spend some time outside."

— Bec, age 19

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