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Since 1991, the Foundation has been dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect.

We raise money to support programs and services that help parents care for their children safely and keep kids where they belong - with their families.

Every year, Family & Children’s Services connects with more than 3000 families who need help. In less than 4% of those situations are children removed from their home because their families cannot care for them safely.  It’s truly a last resort.

In our community there are thousands of kids who are at risk of abuse or neglect and thousands of parents that need skills and support to care for their children safely.

Research shows that prevention focused programs and services have better outcomes for children and families and for our entire community. But that’s not where the funding is. 

Most government funding for child welfare is focused on protecting kids once they have experienced abuse or neglect.

That’s right. Protecting kids AFTER they have been harmed.

You can change that TODAY.

You can support upstream investment for 3000 families in Waterloo Region so they get the help they need BEFORE something bad happens.

Even though prevention costs 25x less than protection, the majority of government child welfare funding doesn’t support the prevention of child abuse and neglect.

This means there are kids and families in our community that won’t get the help they need until it’s too late.

We are not willing to wait before we help. 

We don’t think you are either.

Your gift supports programs like Trusting Loving Connections that give parents the chance to heal from their past and to learn to be the parent they want to be.

We cannot stop child abuse and neglect without helping parents.  Your gift means an opportunity to break the cycle. You can keep kids like Leo with his family.

Your support for prevention helps parents but you are also connecting kids to healing and resilience-building opportunities.  You are helping children bounce back from hardship and adversity and these skills are key to preventing abuse and neglect in future generations.

Here are some of the ways your gift to Family & Children’s Services Foundation helps kids and families:

  • Music, art and recreation programs that give kids the chance to just be a kid! While children have fun, they build confidence, create a sense of belonging, and develop resilience.
  • Educational support for youth to beat the odds and finish high school and scholarships to pursue their educational dreams. For a youth impacted by abuse and neglect, education is one way that they can break from their past and stop the cycle from repeating.
  • Groups like Trusting Loving Connections that are led by professional staff and foster attachment and connection between parents and their children. These groups help moms and dads understand how their own experiences impact how they parent and learn how to be the parents they want to be.

Without your support for these programs there’s a good chance kids will face the same struggles their parents did.

And so will their kids. 

And so will their grandkids. 

You can make these essential programs possible, you can stop bad things from happening to kids.

Your gift will have impact now and across future generations.  You are giving families the chance to get the help they need to parent with confidence. 

And you know what that means?

Your support means kids grow up with their family, surrounded by love. Because kids belong with their family.

It takes a village to raise a child.  You are valued member of this village.  Your kindness and generosity offer hope today and a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

Vision: A caring community where children and their families thrive.

Mission: Building relationships with families and communities for the well-being and safety of children and youth.

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