Fair Mining Collaborative

Registered Name: FMC Fair Mining Collaborative Society

Business Number: 867083248RR0001

Mission Statement

Fair Mining Collaborative (FMC) provides values based, credible technical and strategic guidance to communities, First Nation Leadership groups, and political decision makers with the intention of building capacity to make informed land-use decisions that foster healthy sustainable communities and ecosystems.

We are a Charitable foundation who partners with our clients to build knowledge of mining impacts and benefits so they can fully participate in fair land-use decision making processes that affect their future. We assist communities with reaching their intended outcomes, we don’t advocate for a particular outcome.

Our Work

Fair Mining Collaborative emphasizes spending time listening and building relationships in communities – in meetings, workshops, and trainings with residents, leaders, and staff. Our approach values participation and information-sharing, meshing strategies to local priorities, and ensuring that work continually strengthens community capacity to handle all mining concerns, from exploration through closure.

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