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Our Mission

Calgary Queer Arts Society (formerly known as The Fairy Tales Presentation Society) is a not-for-profit, charitable organization located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We celebrate local and national queer artists and share diverse stories based in film. Our artistic endeavours strive to provide a safe and respectful venue for members of all communities to celebrate queer culture across the LGBTTQA spectrum. We see queer as a vista, a way of looking at the world differently- with an eye towards diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Fairy Tales Presentation Society is best known for our annual Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival, celebrating films made by and/or about the LGBTTQA and Queer communities. Since 1999, The Festival has attracted over 35,000 patrons. We present over 35 entertaining and thought provoking films of all genres that otherwise may not be presented in Calgary. The Festival provides a critical venue for filmmakers, audiences, and stakeholders to connect and see diverse voices in filmmaking and on the screen. We show local, national, and international work with opportunities for filmmakers, audiences, and artists to engage together as a community.

OutReels Diversity Education Program - Since 2009, we have delivered over 500 diversity education workshops for thousands of Albertans, using film as a vehicle for learning, discussion and empathy.

Whether you'd like to host a screening for your high school class, university student group or seniors centre, we’ll come to you to facilitate a discussion on a topic of your choice. Our films, and the remarkable dialogue that follows, will stimulate, inspire, and foster compassion through understanding.


  • We help to identify and educate on the LGBTQ2A+ educational issues that your community or classroom is experiencing.
  • We recommend and provide films that stimulate discussion.
  • We provide all necessary equipment for the screening, based on your venue's needs.
  • We collaborate with you to design a powerful program and post film discussion that will leave a lasting impact on your community.
  • We ensure your learning objectives are achieved during the screening and subsequent discussion.

Our Youth Queer Media Program (YQMP) is an exciting opportunity for youth who have an exceptional story to tell. You'll work alongside industry professionals to create a short film that represents your unique perspective on queer identity for youth today.

The program is open to any youth between 16-24 years of age, and no previous film experience is required. Short films can be of any genre or type and final films can be up to 15 minutes long.

The program runs each year from December – March and provides the time and tools to create a short film, including workshops with industry professionals in storyboarding, editing, filming, and production. The program culminates in the world premiere of your film at Fairy Tales Calgary's Queer Film Festival in May, where opportunities for additional screenings may arise.

Get creative. Propose an idea that excites you! What kinds of unique perspectives do you want to bring to audiences? What side of the story do you want to tell? Use this opportunity to explore the concepts of queer identity that interest you.

In 2017, CQAS staff presented the first Ally Toolkit Conference, a one-day conference offering a holistic toolkit for better ally-ship in schools, at work and in our communities.

This three-day conference brings together leading perspectives from healthcare professionals, corporate leaders and community organizers to safely answer questions, discuss what ally-ship means and equip individuals with important tools to become leaders in creating more equitable communities

The Coming Out Monologues, YYC are a celebration of community that bring a diverse selection of spoken word, movement, and musical pieces to the stage every season! Beginning in 2011, The Coming Out Monologues, YYC provides a stage for queer and ally stories to be shared. This annual event has seen audiences grow year after year, and continues to host sold out shows. Whether attending as an audience member, or as a storyteller from the stage, the Coming Out Monologues provide the entire community an opportunity to celebrate diversity in our city. 

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About Calgary Queer Arts Society

Our objectives stem from our vision and mandate, as guided by membership and community needs. We provide key resources to develop queer voice in our region, and connect audiences with different arts practices from experimental to main stream genres. By ensuring our festival represents current artistic practices, issues and contexts, we contribute to the professional development of the Canadian queer voice and media arts literacy for our audiences.

CQAS also facilitates dialogue and learning in our community through our outreach initiatives. We are a small charity with a core of three staff, four festival contractors and over 150 volunteers year-round. Our vision is guided by our volunteer governance board and committees.

What People Are Saying

"Thank you for putting on such an enriching conference. I was prepared to learn fact and figures only, and I walked away deeply moved by the enormity of every presenter's generosity of heart and spirit after sharing with us their lived experiences. Looking forward to next year's already."

— Carolina Quintana-Kohut , Read More

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