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Our Mission

Fairy Tales Presentation Society is a not-for-profit, charitable organization located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We celebrate local and national queer artists and share diverse stories based in film. Our artistic endeavors strive to provide a safe and respectful venue for members of all communities to celebrate queer culture across the LGBTTQA spectrum, as well as including those who subscribe to culturally, politically, artistically, and otherwise alternative and innovative ways of contributing to society. We see queer as a vista, a way of looking at the world differently- with an eye towards diversity, criticality and inclusion.

The Fairy Tales Presentation Society is best known for our annual Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival, celebrating films made by and/or about the LGBTTQA and Queer communities. Since 1999, The Festival has attracted over 14,000 patrons. We present over 25 entertaining and thought provoking films of all genres that otherwise may not be presented in Calgary. The Festival provides a critical venue for filmmakers, audiences, and stakeholders to connect and see diverse voices in filmmaking and on the screen. We show local, national, and international work with opportunities for filmmakers, audiences, and artists to engage together as a community.

Fairy Tales also delivers the year-round OUTReels Diversity Education Program. OUTReels provides diversity education to the communities around Calgary by using filmmaking and other art forms as educational vehicles. OUTReels features films that generate conversations on topics such as bullying, the intersection between religion and sexuality, queer history, and the global struggle for human rights worldwide.

The Youth Queer Media Program (YQMP), began in 2011 as a Public Service Announcement project, and has grown into an annual endeavour. The program mentors 6 youths age 14-24 in creating a first film, video or animation addressing issues faced by Queer Youth today. Each year, YQMP work is premiered at our Film Festival and shares unique and personal stories through new short films.

Q the Arts began as an annual festival event at the Arrata Centre in March 2011, showcasing queer artists through performance, music, spoken word, and visual arts. The program has developed into our community partnership program, where we join forces with other organizations throughout the year to present exciting cinematic and queer focused events.


Our objectives stem from our vision and mandate, as guided by membership and community needs. Fairy Tales provides key resources to develop the queer voice in our region, and in connecting audiences with different media arts practices from experimental to main stream genres. By ensuring our festival represents current artistic practices, issues and contexts, we contribute to the professional development of the Canadian queer voice and media arts literacy for our audiences.

Fairy Tales also facilitates dialogue and learning in our community through our outreach initiative. We are a small charity with a core of two staff, four festival contractors and over 65 volunteers year-round. Our vision is guided by our volunteer governance board and committees.

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