Falkland & District Community Church & Fellowship Society


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Building TLC

We need to continue the renovation of our beloved 33-year-old community church which was built by 5 different denominations. Thanks to many people's kind donations of time, talent, energy, and finances, we are making good progress.   

In December 2018, we installed two new 95% efficient furnaces.  In September, 2019, we hired a husband-wife team (JC Painting), who transformed the exterior of the church. They repaired the cracking stucco, refinished, and painted the stucco, weathered wood trim and antique wooden door.   In December, 2019, we had a metal security gate installed for the back stairwell which had been the site of ugly graffiti and other undesirable activities.

Our remaining projects include: Installing an AED device in case someone has a heart attack.  Replacing the stained, deteriorating downstairs carpet with flooring suitable for food service.  Replacing the 21-year-old shingles on the roof. Installing a chairlift or elevator so people with mobility challenges can access the lower level for food services and other gatherings. Repairing or replacing our 33-year-old crumbling concrete front steps. Replacing our old flickering fluorescent basement lighting with energy-efficient LED.  

Any donation, from the smallest to the largest, is important and so appreciated. 

If you donate in memory of a loved one, we will put a little plaque with his or her name on the memorial wall in the foyer. 

$18,000 raised out of $77,000 goal

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