Families for Addiction Recovery

Registered Name: Families For Addiction Recovery

Business Number: 770935724RR0001

Families for Addiction Recovery (FAR) is a grassroots Canadian registered charity. Our vision is long-term recovery for every Canadian with substance use disorder (SUD) and their families.

FAR is dedicated to supporting families and protecting persons, particularly teenagers and young adults, struggling with SUD.

Founded out of the lived experience of parents of children who have struggled with addiction, FAR aims to change the face of addiction by advocating for accessible, timely, compassionate, evidence-based treatment, reducing harms, supporting research and working to end stigma.

What People Are Saying

"PARENT TO PARENT SUPPORT PROGRAM TESTIMONIALS: "I was able to open up about my daughter - I didn't have anyone to talk to about it before. It helped me accept more and understand better. My P2P supporter was a lifesaver."

— Mother

"Our supporter gave us the confidence to deal with the issues, the more I spoke with her, the more confident I was in dealing with my son."

— Mother

"I entered the support relationship with such dejection and now after speaking with my supporter I am more optimistic."

— Mother

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