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Our Mission

Families Matter Coop - Established in 2004

Vision and Mission:

To fill a Gap in the Community for families and their family members with developmental disabilities, to connect with each other and to information

To provide valued participation and input to government andagencies, into the process of creating supports/ services in the community for family members.

To take a "Proactive" and balanced approach to deal with fragmentation of families and their powerlessness for input into matters that affect their lives.


Families Matter Coop:

Is an autonomous member driven Family Network, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to meeting the needs of members with developmental disabilities, their families/ friends.

Offers a "Virtual Resource Centre", for comprehensive access to information about resources and services for people with developmental disabilities.

Is available online, atoffice location and mail for members not on-line.

Offers secure members' database to connect people with developmental disabilities and their families, to other disabled members and families, support networks and friends.

Is committed to raising awareness of the challenges facing people with developmental disabilities and families, through advocacy and participation at policy-making levels.

Strives to create solutions to those challenges through member-driven initiatives and partnerships including supportive housing and employment.

What People Are Saying

"... I never realized how much I needed to prepare for as a parent for my special needs son's graduation from high school. I didn't even know where to turn until I found Families Matter Co-op!"

— Ottawa Parent

"It's such a relief to realize that everyone has the same questions and no one looks at you as if you're stupid in the workshop. You're all trying to figure it out together."

— Workshop Attendee

"What other organization would think to offer a series of workshops to help families get started thinking about housing for their sons and daughters with special needs? My husband and I met two other families trying to put together the exact same housing situation because of Families Matter."

— Housing Workshop Attendee

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