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Our Mission

A community where families are strong and children belong.

Family Respite Services (FRS) is a community organization in Windsor/Essex County that supports over 1100 families caring for children with disabilities.

Children and youth 0-18 years of age with developmental disabilities, Autism, Down Syndrome, children with Medical Health Challenges and Mental Health Disorders.

FRS assists families to enrich their quality of life, seeking the fullest participation of the child in the community.

FRS works with the family to develope an individualized, flexible, family-centered respite support plan.


FRS has many programs to meet the needs of the family and children.

-In home respite/Special Services at home SSAH (caring for the child in the family's home and in the community, engaging in meaningful activities) Currently, 600 part time contract respite providers.

-Staffed Respite Homes (Solcz Family Foundation Respite Home and Spago Home) Weekend with Friends operates out of the Solcz Family Foundation Respite Home-children stay at the home for a weekend on a regular basis and Spago Home-where children with developmental and physical disabilities live)

-Associate Families -families in the community welcome a child into their home for a weekend stay once a month

-Community Based Respite- FRS works in partnership with local recreation programs to provide support for children to participate in recreational based activities with other children in the community. "Our Time" program, Fantastic Fridays,and summer day camp. These programs are ran by grants and fundraising money.

-Sibling Support-Siblings of children in the FRS program attend once a month for a chance to interact with other children who have a sibling with a disability.

What People Are Saying

"Arranging for summer care for children with disabilities can be a daunting task for parents because most programs don't have the trained staff to support children with disabilities. Having a summer day camp that is inclusive for all children is invaluable."

— Michelle M.

"Respite Care is a lifeline for me with my son with Autism. I am a single mom and with working full time I am unable to keep up. My Direct Support Provider takes the stress away from me and my son is able to be like other children his age."

— Exhausted Mother

"I like my Direct Support Provider and I think he will like me for a very long time. We go on outings in the community, its fun!"

— Youth in the FRS Program

"I am a Direct Support Provider to a young man with Autism. I work with him to help him achieve his goals and dreams in life. I am so thankful that this family allows me to work with him; it has been a very meaningful experience in my life, something that I will cherish forever."

— Brianne Thompson

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