Family Services Windsor-Essex


Business Number: 130364102RR0001

1770 Langlois Ave., WINDSOR, ON , N8X 4M5


Mission Statement:

Supporting communities and families; strengthening people

Our programs are client-centered. We provide strategies and support to resolve conflicts, address personal problems and live independently in the community.

Services and Programs:

Adult Protective Service Worker (APSW) Program:

The APSW program supports adults with a developmental disability living in the community to be independent, safe and secure. Staff assist individuals in accessing community services and supports

Eligibility Criteria: Adults (18+) with a developmental disability

Professional Counselling Program:

The Counselling Program offers individual, couple, and family counselling, to assist individuals to address a range of issues. Professional Counsellors are all Masters level clinicians and employ a number of treatment modalities.

Eligibility Criteria: Individuals, couples and families

Walk In Counselling Clinic:

The Walk-In Counselling Clinic operates two days a week offering immediate access to counselling services throughout Windsor and Essex County. Counsellors employ the single session model of counselling and individuals accessing the service receive referrals, follow-up and recommendations for next steps.

Eligibility Criteria: Individuals, couples and families

Windsor-Essex Housing Connections:

The Housing First program seeks to end homelessness for people with mental illness and addiction. By providing a person with a home, the program offers dignity and ignites hope in individuals who have often been treated in an undignified manner and who have felt hopeless for years. Most importantly, the transformation of moving from homelessness into a home of one’s own begins the process of physical and psychological healing and immediately changes a person’s status from an outcast to a valued member of the community.

Eligibility Criteria: Persons suffering from chronic homelessness, mental illness and addictions

Group Counselling Treatment:

Family Services offers a wide variety of groups to address a broad range of issues. Groups normally run for 8 weeks and a pre-screening interview is mandatory.

Client Intervention and Support Program:

Social Work staff intervenes when a senior or a person with a disability has experienced abuse and/or is experiencing an issue or conflict that they require assistance with. The Program supports and advocates on behalf of seniors and adults with a disability to support independent living in the community. The program provides assistance for issues such as elder abuse, hoarding and accessing community supports and services.

Eligibility Criteria: Adults with a disability and/or seniors – self referrals or community based referrals

Voluntary Trusteeship and Financial Literacy Program:

The Trustee Program assists people to manage their finances by receiving all sources of income, ensuring that bills are paid, and creating a budget for a person’s spending money. Program participants receive training and information to assist them to understand the basics of managing a bank account, interest rates, credit cards and general financial skills

Eligibility Criteria: People age sixteen years and older who are in receipt of OW, ODSP, or a federal government pension and/or who are living on a low-income (LICO as prescribed by the federal government) and/or adults with a disability and seniors experiencing financial abuse

Forms Assistance Service:

The Forms Assistance Service is a partnership with the Paralegal Program at St. Clair College. Students assist individuals to complete various types of applications or government forms (ODSP applications, Canada Pension applications, housing applications, etc…).

Eligibility Criteria: Any resident of Essex County requiring assistance completing a form

Income Tax Completion Service:

Canada Revenue Agency trained volunteers using software provided by the Canada Revenue Agency prepare and electronically file tax returns Offered year round on a walk-in basis and by appointment Available to help with income taxes on Monday’s and Friday’s from March to June Offer a year-round Drop-Off service and is available at the Family Services Windsor location and is free of charge if income falls below a certain level

Eligibility Criteria: Individuals living below the low income cut off

Partner Assault Response Program (PAR):

A part of Ontario’s Domestic Violence Court Program, Family Services gives offenders the opportunity to examine their beliefs on abuse and to learn non-abusive ways of resolving conflicts. Victims of domestic violence will receive regular updates on the offender’s progress, safety support and referrals to community services.

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