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Radio feeds communities


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Radio feeds communities

One of the most important donors are addressing is hunger and food insecurity. It’s a growing problem globally. Africa has been hit the hardest. As of 2020, more than 20% of people on the continent are suffering from hunger.

Farm Radio International brings trustworthy information to small rural African communities.  We currently work with are network of 1,000 radio stations across 3700 countries to serve over 250 million listeners.

"Soil is the greatest hope that has ever existed. You put in seeds and it gives food,” Rosemary Kansemii tells journalist Betty Mujungu. She’s one of many farmers in her community supported by radio programs aimed at women farmers.

Your gift today is supporting these farmers to create food security. Your gifts ensure radio stations have the resources and information they need to help farmers adapt and build resilience. Your gift will help empower communities with knowledge and information by using the incredible reach of radio. Radio prevents hunger, helps grow food and feeds communities.