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Make an impactful gift to take direct action towards transforming BC’s foodlands to provide climate solutions.

Food ­related emissions, when added together, are the largest part of an individual’s carbon footprint.  But at the same time, our food choices and food systems are one of the keys to unlocking a cleaner, greener, healthier, less carbon-intensive future.

We have been supporting small-scale, sustainable food production since 1993. We develop, operate, and act as a catalyst for projects that support access to and production of local, sustainable food; support local growers and producers; provide access to and protection of farmland; and connect, educate, and celebrate with communities across BC. We work with businesses, NGO partners, governments, universities, and the public to achieve our vision of sustainable food systems where people and planet thrive.

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What People Are Saying

"Something happens to people who plant seeds-it is impossible to watch a plant grow and flourish without getting a sense of the miracle of all life. "

— -Herb Barbolet, Co-founder of FarmFolk CityFolk

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