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BeGrainSafe program

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BeGrainSafe program

Support BeGrainSafe, a program designed to help save lives through prevention education, rescue training and on-site workplace training.

With the volume of grain flows increasing due to advances in technology and production, it is extremely important to educate producers, their families, workers and rural firefighters about the safety risks posed by flowing grain. Thanks to a number of generous donors and partners, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association launched BeGrainSafe in January 2017.

What is a grain entrapment/engulfment and when does it occur?

Grain entrapments/engulfments occur when grain is drawn out from beneath someone present on the surface of the grain; when a void beneath the surface of grain breaks as someone attempts to walk across it; and when a wall of grain collapses onto someone. Grain entrapment occurs when a person becomes partially submerged in grain and cannot get out without assistance. Grain engulfment occurs when someone is completely buried in grain. Both situations are extremely dangerous, though engulfments are usually fatal.

Program Overview

The BeGrainSafe program centers around grain safety education and training, including:

Prevention Education. The public learns about the dangers of grain entrapment through interactive displays and demonstrations.

Firefighter Training. Firefighters are trained in complex grain rescue procedures.

Producer Training. Producers learn about grain safety best practices and develop an emergency response plan for on-site grain storage in the event of an entrapment/engulfment.

BeGrainSafe Resources

The BeGrainSafe program uses three key resources to drive home the importance of grain safety.

• The BeGrainSafe Trailer entraps a mannequin/person in flowing grain in a controlled manner to demonstrate the dangers of grain entrapment and rescue training procedures.

• The Trade Show Unit uses pop-up banners, interactive physical displays, and digital games to raise general awareness about the dangers of flowing grain and grain entrapments.

Table Top Displays demonstrate how quickly someone can become entrapped (flowing grain display) and the pressure of grain on the lungs in the event of an entrapment (lung display).

Support Grain Safety. Donate Today.

In 2017 alone, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association reached over 8,000 people at 32 events with the message of grain safety. You can help support grain safety by donating to the BeGrainSafe program. Your gift will help save lives through education and training.

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