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Spirituality Nurtures the Soul

Registered Name: Father Lacombe Care Foundation

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Spirituality Nurtures the Soul

Moving into long term care or supported living entails a great amount of change and often brings about a lot of grief. Loss comes in many forms from a change in health status, loss of home, family role and often their spouse or other family members have died. Pastoral care ministers to those who need an ear to listen to them and a voice to reason with. It begins with personal relationships that enables a resident to discuss whatever gives life meaning, both now and in the past as well as his or her relationships and feelings.

The need for Pastoral Care is also very true near end of life when people ponder “what is next?” or need to make amends with relationships. 

Our goal is to see spiritual care integrated with good physical, emotional and psychological care that is already present, to achieve the best possible quality and sanctity of life in its final stages. We are committed to our Catholic values while respecting the religious beliefs of all.

Having a dedicated Chapel in both Care homes provides that physical space to sit, meditate, reflect and pray. Used by the residents, their family members, volunteers and staff the Chapels require ongoing supplies to support the many monthly services and the Celebration of Mass five days a week. We have found that even those with very advanced dementia can participate is the rituals of Mass if it was an important part of their life prior to the onset of the disease. Being part of long term care, it is important that the Chapels be kept warm, clean and safe.