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Nature Nova Scotia is a federation of nature groups working towards conservation networking, advocacy, research, and education

Nature Nova Scotia


Nature Nova Scotia is a federation of natural history societies and other environmental groups in Nova Scotia. We operate to support networking, research, education, and advocacy initiatives for nature. Here's a bit of what we've been up to recently:


In 2020, our hobby naturalists took the Nova Scotia government to court for failure to follow the NS Endangered Species Act, and won! We are now following every court-mandated action and updating our followers on progress made to date. Much still needs to be done, however. The mainland moose is still unprotected in Nova Scotia, migratory birds including Species At Risk are threatened by unsustainable forestry practices, and biodiversity is not prioritized in policy, practice, or curriculum.

In 2021, we joined the fight to save Owls Head Provincial Park. In March of 2019, the Nova Scotia government secretly removed Owls Head Provincial Park from Our Parks and Protected Areas Plan in order to enter into a Letter of Offer with a private developer. On April 1, 2021, biologist Bob Bancroft and Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association took the provincial government to court over the delisting. Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Christa Brothers recognized several important points in the case but ultimately ruled that there is “no recognized common law duty of procedural fairness owed by the Crown to the public at large.” Bob and Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association are heading to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal to fight for Owls Head Provincial Park and a new age of environmental law in Canada, and Nature Nova Scotia has begun fundraising to help cover the coming legal costs.

Following the recommendations of the recently updated Recovery Plan for the Mainland Moose, in 2022 we will begin raising funds for vital research activities, informing moose conservation action. We are also advocating for the end of clearcutting and similar practices on crown lands, which threatens endangered species like the Mainland Moose, and the official designation of moose Core Habitat. We are selling lawn signs to support this work.

You can help us give nature a voice by donating and supporting our advocacy work.

Networking and Outreach

We host the symposium for naturalists, the Celebration of Nature, every year in a new diverse and exciting location in Nova Scotia. We bring natural history learning alive with thrilling talks, hands on education programing, and networking sessions for the conservation community. We also run a monthly Nature Talk series, profiling interesting natural spaces and conservation issues around the province through a guest speaker, panel discussion, or Q&A session.

You can help us grow the nature network each year by joining us at this event, becoming a member, or donating to ours or our member societies' outreach projects.


We support several educational initiatives for youth interested in Nova Scotia's natural history. In 2020, we launched the Nature Art and Writing Contest, with cash prizes for nature loving and creative young naturalists. The Celebration of Nature includes a youth program every year, complete with kid-friendly presentations, trivia, experiments and more! In 2021, we started partnering with the Young Naturalists Club and ISANS on guided walks and hikes for New Canadians. And in 2022, we launched the HRM Naturalist Project, a pilot program engaging BIPOC and new Canadian youth in natural history training to help grow and diversify the nature network in Nova Scotia.

You can support our work engaging the next generation of conservationists by donating, volunteering to lead an event, or starting a new Young Naturalists Club chapter!

Stewardship and Research

We support conservation research and land management projects in Nova Scotia by mobilizing citizen scientists and land stewards. We are a founding member of the Bird Friendly Halifax Coalition, participate annually in the global City Nature Challenge, continue to contribute to atlas projects like the Nova Scotia Herp atlas, and are spearheading a Big Tree database. In 2022, we started raising funds for much needed moose research, following recommendations of the new Recovery Plan.

You can support our stewardship and research work by joining us at our events, donating to our projects, or by becoming a member and helping us guide our priorities from year to year!

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