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The Gift of Sanctuary


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The Gift of Sanctuary

There is tragedy behind most every life FRFA is called upon to rescue. The disadvantaged vulnerable who are so often and so easily overlooked, find refuge with FRFA.  Each day we work to heal those who have suffered the consequences of indifference, neglect, cruelty. They can not speak, but they do share their heartbreaking pasts with their reactions and reluctances. 

FRFA provides rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, and forever sanctuary when rehoming is not an option. 

The old, the weary, and the disabled who find themselves abandoned in the streets through no fault of their own. The traumatized, haunted by anxiety and fear, dumped, or in some cases, too frightened to return to the home their abuser dominated. Some grow angry and defensive. Others give up entirely, hoping to go unnoticed and unharmed. Those born on the streets, shrinking, shy and uncertain, or bluffing great fierceness to protect themselves.

There are few options available for cats considered to be difficult to place. Many simply fall through the cracks to their demise. These are the lives we strive to heal and make safe.  For some, FRFA is the first place where they have ever experienced safety, kindness, and care. For cats unable or unlikely to move on to adoption, forever sanctuary is provided. Some will live out their lives in the comfort and familiarity of our shelter, others in forever foster homes. All veterinary care, medication, supplies and special diets are provided by FRFA.

The generosity of individuals makes forever sanctuary and foster care possible.

Large or small, scheduled or one-time, every donation matters. We can not do it without you.

Thank you for your support and best wishes.