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Acces to the plesure to discover for kids in needs


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Acces to the plesure to discover for kids in needs

What an extraordinary chance for a kid to escape from familly reality and live an experience that improove his self confidence, autonomy and help him find his place in this world. Every kid should have acces to such an experience at least once in a life because it is a unique socialisation environnement , especially at «La fermeMarichel» . We reconnect kids to real life contact, playing with animals, making fun in our big garden and helping preparing the delicious food we eat on the farm.

Even if we make special effort to keep our fees really low in order to universalise the acces to our service, we still have requests from people who can not  afford a complete charge for a stay at the farm, and it is shoking to recognise we can't help them all.

Give us a chance to help more family in need by giving a 25% -50% or full acces to a regular 5 nights camp at la Ferme Marichel.