First Baptist Church, Regina


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Our Mission

We believe in worship which is reverent, thoughtful, theologically informed, and shaped by the long tradition and experience of the people of God across the centuries. We also believe that worship does not end on Sunday morning. It is carried out into the week where we live out our commitment to Christ and encourage others to join us in following him and in his Kingdom mission. In his service we find purpose, wholeness, meaning and joy. We invite you to join us on this journey.

About First Baptist Church, Regina

First Baptist Church is a community of followers of Jesus Christ. The heart of the preaching of Jesus was the "Kingdom of God." He defined what that phrase meant in the model prayer (we often call it the Lord's Prayer) which he gave to his disciples - "Your Kingdom come, your will be done." In typical fashion of that time, the second phrase explained or elaborated the first. The Kingdom then, is whenever and wherever God's will is accomplished. Since 1891 we have been working together to see the Kingdom, God's will, realized in our city - and far beyond. As you will see from this website that means we're involved in everything from making the good news about Christ known here and around the world to feeding the hungry and caring for seniors, from nurturing youth to refugee ministry. Enthusiastically, we work alongside both our fellow Baptists and Christians of other traditions.

We're located in the heart of our city - Regina, Saskatchewan, on the Canadian prairies.

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