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Sadaqa Jariya- I give for the dergah

Registered Name: Fondation Haqqani

Business No: 892003500RR0001

Sadaqa Jariya- I give for the dergah

It has been several years since we decided to be able to buy a space in the countryside to establish a dergah.

The opportunity presents itself today just in time for the arrival of the month of Mawlid inchallah. Yesterday we obtained the blessing and prayers of Mawalana Shaykh Hisham.

This space in the Laurentide in Saint Calixte aims to allow us to have a natural space for our retreats and for various projects related to agriculture.

We would like to eventually establish a dergah where the dhikr inch’Allah will be made, with a common space for all but also smaller units such as yurts or small chalets for families wishing to spend some time in nature.

It will be, inch’Allah, an opportunity to do beekeeping, put in a permanent greenhouse, have chickens, a few sheep and even go horseback riding, especially since the infrastructure is already there.

The main building will of course be enlarged later according to our needs Inshallah.

This property has the advantage of being only 1 hour from Montreal, already having a house recently built, trails in the forest and a few glades with cabins already established because it was used by scouts.

We also have a small stream that flows year round.

Mawlana Cheikh Nazim has always encouraged us to have a space far from the city for upcoming events and this Covid period has confirmed this need to us and proved to us the fragility of our urban achievements.

An offer to purchase has been made today on behalf of the foundation for the amount of $ 270,000 and we as a non-profit must make a deposit of 20% plus fees.

So we have a week to raise $ 60,000 for the down payment. We are counting on you for your support of this project which, inshallah will be for all of us a work for Islam, a service for Mawlana Cheikh and a sadaqa Jarya.

Salam aleykum wa rahmatullah