Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault


Business Number: 118923572RR0001

Today the FJPP is devoted to documenting and transmitting Quebec’s contemporary dance heritage while encouraging reflection on the creation and promotion of choreographic legacies.

The FJPP initiates long-term strategies and collective actions targeting dance professionals, including choreographers, performers, instructors, researchers and critics, as well as the arts community and general public.

Formerly dedicated to transmitting the works of its founder, the FJPP has since broadened its scope and seeks to promote a variety of choreographic legacies in Quebec. The creation of the new EC2 digital platform is key to the FJPP’s current mission.

Through these initiatives, the FJPP makes works accessible for research, teaching and reinvention, inspiring creativity in the present and future.



The digital platform EC2_Espaces chorégraphiques 2 is an exciting new initiative by the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault (FJPP).

EC2 explores different traces and memories of dance. It invites visitors to recreate and re-enact, to reflect and discuss. It showcases the multiple ways in which contemporary dance in Quebec is documented and transmitted from one generation to the next.

EC2_Espaces chorégraphiques 2 also pays tribute to the visionary Jean-Pierre Perreault, the first choreographer in Quebec to found a space for dance creation: Espace chorégraphique.

EC2 is:

  • A (small) virtual museum of contemporary dance in Quebec
  • A unique digital collection of choreographic toolkits
  • A media library to experience dance close up
  • A forum for discussion about issues related to our contemporary dance heritage
  • A place to document, transmit, share and discover


Designed as a dance memory lab and forum for research and reflection, EC2 invites visitors to play an active role in our dance heritage.

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