Foundation The 7 Fingers

Registered Name: Fondation Les 7 doigts de la main

Business Number: 746769124RR0001


The 7 Fingers have dedicated their entire existence to the research and production of creative theatrical expression through circus arts. The unique message of our company is embedded in our name, unified like The 7 Fingers of the hand. This twist on the French idiom implies unity through diversity. We have always believed that true collectivity can thrive regardless of diverging ideas. In fact, all of our work celebrates the tension and complexity of human connectivity and collaboration.

Now our organization needs your support more than ever.

The art of live performance around the world has been abruptly forced into a standstill. We have suspended all of our activities and the performers, crews, office employees and audiences have been forced into isolation. The 7 Fingers, like so many, have suffered a hard blow during this pandemic. However, we will continue to create. We believe that if we work together through this global crisis, we can foster a newfound strength to live performance arts, the artists and the teams of people who bring form to life and to the audience.

Thank you for your support.

The 7 Fingers

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