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Join Marina Orsini, Actress and Ambassador of the Teadale-Corti Foundation !

The campaign "Become Part of the Story" on Facebook invites you to get involved for the hospital of our Canadian heroine Lucille Teasdale, the Lacor, located in the north of Uganda.

Lacor Hospital today

Our hospital now faces a financial crisis. As a result of peace after almost 30 years of conflict in the area which left the local population in desperate poverty, aid provided by the emergency humanitarian donors has stopped abruptly because they have moved onto other conflict zones. The peace shortfall represents 1.5 M $ per year.

Thank you for your generosity!

About Our Charity

This campaign "Become Part of the Story" is organized by the Teasdale-Corti Foundation which was created by Lucille Teasdale and her husband Piero Corti in 1995. For more information on the campaign, please visit our Facebook page:

Lucille Teasdale & Piero Corti, a Canadian surgeon and her Italian paediatrician husband, developed Lacor Hospital (Northern Uganda) from 1961 until their deaths. They created a foundation to help support and ensure the survival of their Hospital.

The Teasdale-Corti Foundation is a Canadian Registered Charity (B/N)/ Reg. N./890520745RR0001.

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