Food Rescue

Registered Name: Food Rescue (Yellowknife)

Business Number: 824295455RR0001

Food Rescue is a volunteer, non-profit, registered charitable organization in Yellowknife. Since 2008, Food Rescue has been diverting useable food destined for the landfill to clients in need.

Operating five days a week, Food Rescue picks up food being discarded by Yellowknife's three major grocery stores and takes it to our facility, complete with kitchen, processing, coolers and a storage/distribution facility, where it is weighted, sorted, packed and delivered to our clients. Food that is not in suitable condition to be distributed to clients is composted and packaging is recycled to minimize items to be discarded. 

Our Objectives:

1. Minimize waste of food by accepting food products from donors;

2. Support organizations who feed the homeless and otherwise nutritionally or socially disadvantaged persons through donations of reclaimed food;

3. Distribute reclaimed food when available within the community of Yellowknife and surrounding area so that it is utilized to the best extent possible; and 

4. Help to conserve the environment through composting of food waste and recycling wherever possible.

Since inception, 1,381,900 kg/3,040,100 lbs of food has been collected. the value of the food diverted is $6,080,360.

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