Foothills Academy Society


Business Number: 118927060RR0001

Our Mission

The mission of Foothills Academy is to facilitate learning in persons, primarily youth and children, identified as having a Learning Disability by providing quality educational programs and a supportive environment for families and staff.  We recognize that we are interdependent with our global community – by participating in research, public education, in-service and advocacy, through community service.

About Foothills Academy

Since 1979, Foothills Academy Society has met a growing need for programs and services for individuals with Learning Disabilities and associated disorders. We strive to be a centre of excellence in both our full-time School Program and our Community Services. We work with children, adults, families and professionals in Calgary and beyond. Fundraising activities support our Bursary Fund to ensure that no one is turned away due to financial circumstances.

What People Are Saying

"When we came to Foothills Academy, it was life changing for our boys as well as our family. They understand what each child needs because their career is focused specifically for children with learning disabilities. "

— Doug

" For the first time in school he has found his confidence and believes he can succeed. He now has intrinsic motivation, and is happier. "

— Kristine

"It was the first time he has come out of a camp at the end of the day regulated, happy and bursting with pride and self esteem. It’s honestly, the first time he has been really, truly, happy. Camp Amicus brought back our happy, charming, funny boy. "

— Linda

"Though school was challenging, Foothills found a way to take the time and teach me in ways that helped me not only understand but, overcome barriers that I never thought were possible. I would not be the advocate I am today without you first teaching me to see what was already there. "

— Foothills Alumni

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