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Camp Great Strides

Campaign Ended Nov. 30, 2018

Camp Great Strides incorporates many of the familiar routines, games, songs and activities you may remember from camp. Each session has a theme with appropriate games, craft activities and adventures to complement the theme.

The camp is run by the Camp Program Coordinator, a Camp Counselor and staffed by FOOTPRINTS 4 Autism volunteers, all of whom have completed their required training programs and who are dedicated to providing a safe and happy environment for the children.

Open to children 13 years of age and under who have been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Camp Great Strides is part of the FOOTPRINTS respite program. Camp spaces are offered to our families first, then spaces are offered to families in our communities. We run four camps during the summer break - each camp runs for one week. Families have the option of their child(ren) attending for a half day or full day. Depending on when the Christmas break starts and ends, we may run one or two camps in December/January.

Support of $250 will help send one child to a full week (6 hour/day) summer camp.

Parents’ Feedback

“I like the camps that are run out of Whitby. They had the children participate in a structured themed activity that involved core skills like fine motor and gross motor actions to accomplish an activity or craft. The children could then take it home and share it with their family. We don’t usually get to see our son participate in crafts at school. It was nice to see him accomplish something like that with help”.

“I like that my son and daughter can be alone together without Mom or Dad there and strengthen their relationship, practice social skills in a safe and structured environment while being themselves.”

“I am able to not worry and peace of mind about my children when they are at FOOTPRINTS because I know that they are receiving the level of care they need. They are safe and comfortable being with the FOOTPRINTS staff.”

“You have more camps which is great.”

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