Registered Name: FORED BC SOCIETY

Business Number: 106811912RR0001

Our Mission

FORED BC SOCIETY (est. 1925) is a non-profit and non-partisan charity that engages citizens, communities and volunteers in activities and choices that  promote balanced decision-making about our natural resources.


We live in a country with abundant forests and natural resources. Careful, balanced stewardship of our lands sustains us. We need your help to ensure we can continue providing non-partisan education for future decision-makers.

We provide online educational resources that are freely downloadable to anyone who works with young people in schools, youth groups, NGOs and First Nations communities.

These resources are supported by government grants, the Vancouver Foundation and individual donations from people like you.

We want to see a world where resource decision making is based on facts, not fiction, and balanced views.  The environment and economy are not mutually exclusive.  

Young people will become future leaders and need the tools to make careful decisions about the stewardship of our land and natural resources. Part of that will involve the pursuit of post-secondary education. So, staying in school is a must. That's why we obtained the voluntary participation of First Nations leaders who gladly gave their advice to young people about the importance of staying in school and pursuing the rich career opportunities available to them in management of these lands and resources.

Graduation rates are going up in this area. We're pleased to have been a part of that success. Let's keep it going.

Please also consider supporting our Traditional Knowledge First Nations Scholarships. Together, we can manage our natural resources to ensure optimum economic, environment and social benefits.

For more about FORED BC activities, please visit our website, which enjoys an average of 35,000 visitors per month. Or, explore our Facebook page @foredbc.

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