Registered Name: Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue and Adoption Inc.

Business Number: 851598417RR0001


Since being founded in 2000, Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue has come to the aid of more than 2700 cats and kittens—and it has been possible thanks to donations from people who care about helping homeless animals. Our organization is 100-percent volunteer-based and every dollar that you donate goes directly to help pay for the needs of the cats and kittens in our care. Our team of volunteers is very hardworking, compassionate and effective; we continue to make a positive difference in our community.

In addition to preventing the suffering of animals, our organization provides a great service by reducing feline overpopulation. Forgotten Ones has neutered thousands of homeless cats, which has prevented millions of unwanted kittens being born to a life of suffering.  

Finding permanent homes for rescued cats is achieved through our robust adoption program. Every year, volunteers spend thousands of hours corresponding and meeting with potential adopters to determine which cat would be best suited for their family. Our philosophy is that it is important that the cat and the family are the right fit, as it will result in a loving, happy relationship for both.

Money received helps fund the cost of food, litter, and veterinary fees, which is our largest expense. Essential veterinary procedures include: spay/neuter surgery, dental surgery, emergency surgery, examinations, vaccinations, testing for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, and flea and ear mite treatments.

Please support our efforts of saving cats and kittens from abandonment, abuse, and shelter euthanasia by making a donation to Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue. We are a registered charity and tax receipts will be issued for donations over $20.00.

What People Are Saying

"A stray cat left five kittens on our porch one night when it was freezing out. We warmed, fed them and loved them for a week but we could not keep them. A neighbour told us about FOCR, we called Sharon and she was extremely helpful, took the kitties and reassured us they would have good homes. "

— Josie Bencic

"I was fostering a friend's cats due to a severe allergy, and Forgotten Ones found them a WONDERFUL home. I couldn't be happier, and I know they are very well loved. Excellent work, they really make an effort to make sure the cats are well suited to their adoption. Couldn't be happier!"

— Tracy Zevenhoven

"Amazing rescue organization! We adopted two kittens three years ago, and still have contact with them. Incredible caring and compassionate people."

— Phyllis CM

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