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Business Number: 107396285RR0001

Forum Art Institute was established in 1964 to provide educational and cultural enrichment for the art community in Manitoba.

It was founded by two artists/university instructors Nikola Bjelajac & Steve Repa. They worked diligently to create a non-credit art organization with instruction available to anyone willing to learn. After Steve passed away Nik remained as a very active influence & educator at the Forum Art until 2006 when he passed away in his 86th year. Their inspiration & dedication in making art education an important part of our art community continues at the Forum Art Centre.

We have grown over the years and changed facilities 8 times in locations throughout the city of Winnipeg & currently lease an old city library building built in 1961 from the City of Winnipeg.

What People Are Saying

"I started in the Fall of 2008 on the suggestion from my sister, Mildred. Forum is my home away from home, a place to explore my creative side. I have met many new friends who share my passion for art. I enjoy our fun, social gatherings where we advise and praise each other's art!"

— Mae Bayly, Read More

"We give a tip for services, in a diner, taxi service, hair salon, and other services, it should be a thought, to give a gift for the help we receive from our instructors. They give us the gift of knowledge, and creativity. Thank You to all you creative Masters for sharing your knowledge with us."

— Joyce Shaw, Read More

"Many years ago I painted at the Forum under Nik's guidance...I shall always be grateful for knowing him and his wisdom in founding such a creative atmosphere for students... As I enjoy his painting it shall not only "teach" me as I study his "technique" but inspire me to paint on."

— Vera McLean, Read More

"Forum Art Centre is a hidden gem in our arts community. The quality of art instruction is top notch and along side with the best of them. The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed and unpretentious. Forum Art caters to all age groups. It's never too late to learn."

— Kathi Wirth, Read More

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