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FINCA Canada

Registered Name: FINCA Canada

Business No: 805686144RR0001

Providing access to micro-loans and financial literacy training to people, especially women, so they can lift themselves out of poverty.

FINCA Canada


FINCA Canada is a member of the Global FINCA Network, working in 22 countries to alleviate poverty through financial inclusion. We provide micro-loans and financial literacy training so that women can start or rebuild their micro businesses and become more financially resilient in the long-term.


FINCA is committed to advancing economic prosperity for low-income women in the developing world. We achieve this by providing women with the means to grow their small businesses, increase their incomes, and save for the future. Our proven and layered approach has seen millions of people emerge from poverty with a sense of dignity that spurs generational pride – pride that will break the cycle of poverty. For more information, please visit

Why Now?

FINCA Canada has the unique opportunity to help prevent 120,000 women in Haiti and DR Congo from falling back into extreme poverty. We have partnered with the Government of Canada to help Haitian and Congolese women, their families and their communities economically survive through COVID-19 and form the foundation for long- term financial resilience. With your help, we will provide micro- loans, specialized financial services and products, as well as financial literacy and business training to these women. 

If we can raise $1.2 million, the Government of Canada will match $4 for every $1 donated 


55 Bloor St W / PO Box 19560

Toronto, ON, M4W 3T9

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