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Community Action Program


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Community Action Program

What People Are Saying:

"I assure you that Foundation For Life Church is an exceptional organization that exhibits the utmost professionalism.  It is committed first and foremost to the community, and I have witness firsthand the generous spirit emanating from this wonderful group." 
Councillor Frances Nunziata
Chair Etobicoke-York Community Council
Ward 11, York South-Weston
"Foundation For Life Family Church under the leadership of Pastors Karl & Colleen Lewis, is positively impacting the York South-Weston Community and beyond through the Community Action Program.  The multi-faceted programs practically and tangibly meet the needs of families from all cultures, religions and backgrounds."  
Chris Tonks
Trustee - Ward 6, York South-Weston
Toronto District School Board
"No.31 Division officers have worked closely with this charity through the Foundation For Life Community Action Program, which actively supports the No. 31 Division weekly Faith Patrol, youth mentoring, and the Community Safety Walk involving city officials.  These affiliations clearly demonstrate how closely the Foundation For Life Family Church works with other organizations within their community to improve the area in which they live."
Michael Earl
Acting Superintendent (1607)
No. 31 Division 
"Foundation For Life's objective is to provide life building resources... Foundation For Life also reaches out to the community with their practical skill building and leadership training.  They have come to WKNC with self esteem programs for our female population.  The women's group - including immigrants, sex trade workers and substance users - respond positively to the discussion time and to Colleen's empathetic warmth which leads them to ask questions about the meaning of their lives.  This linking has led to WKNC people finding opportunities to volunteer in Foundation For Life's tutoring program, which helps them see themselves as a needed part of the community."
Barbara Bisgrove
Secretary to Board of Director
Weston King Neighbourhood Centre

Testimonials from Parents

Testimonials from the parents of students who attended one of our programs:
"My son Ashton was able to realize in his young mind that education is valuable and 'a mind is a terrible thing to waste."
- Wayne Lawson
"My daughter looks forward to coming to class.  She has learned to be less shy."
- Pearla Edwards
"This program helped my daughter Abigail to be more outspoken for she used to be shy.  She can now relate to her teacher.  Her French has improved.  We are no looking forward to next month."
- Luan Williams
"The program is useful.  The teachers were aggressive in teaching the students.  They took an interest in the students."
- Mr. Mien
"Great!  The program helped my daughter to improve."
- Marlene Barrett
"...Essential to my son and every student.  Convenient!  It is like going back to school as a parent."
- Karlene Stewart

Testimonials from Students

Learning Can be Fun!
Testimonials from a few of the students who have since moved on and excelled in higher grades:
"Thank you teacher for teaching us to do addition and subtraction, so we know them in our heads if you ask us.  Thank you mom for bringing me to the program.  Thank you teacher for making us happy and have fun in school."
- Shamar, 7, Grade 1
"It was ok and I learned new stuff."
- Shezza, 9, Grade 4
"My week here was fun.  The reason why I say that is because it helped me a lot at school.  The part about my week here is when I did my times table.  I loved this week."
- Jasmine, 10, Grade 5
"The tutoring program helped me by improving math, french and English skills..."
- Keisha, 11, Grade 6
"This program has helped me in french..."
- Tave, 12, Grace 6
"Dear teacher, thank you for helping us with spelling and addition; that helped me with my homework.  This program is fun and I like the snacks.  Delicious.  And that's why i like the program so much."
- Dominique, 8, Grade 2
"Dear Ms. Colleen, thank you for helping me with my homework at the academic mentoring program.  Thank you for helping me succeed, you inspire me to improve me homework and grades.  Thank you so much for making this program."
- Jonathan, 9, Grade 3
"Thank you teacher for helping us with everything because you are a teacher I like.  Thank you teacher for helping us to do math problems and spelling and everything with my homework."
- Harshal, 7, Grade 1