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We have already settled two Syrian refugee families in Kingston. There are more waiting for our help!

Older brother Omar (6), his little sister Sham (2), and baby sister Noor (8 months), and their parents (Moyaad & Mariam) are refugees, identified and designated by the United Nations.  Save a Family from Syria has applied to the Canadian government to sponsor this family.

Omar and his family are living in a refugee camp with other refugee families.  The UNHCR is struggling to feed them.  Their father Moyaad has no work.  Food and water are scarce.  Their lives are at risk from violence.  They cannot return to Syria and have no future in Jordan. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reports that over 5 million unarmed civilians have fled Syria since the outbreak of the civil war. There are several refugee camps in Jordan.  Little Sham and her family live in the Zaatari refugee camp.  As of March 2015, there are over 83,000 people living in Zaatari.  Baby Noor was born in the camp. Refugees have set up in tents, storage containers and makeshift shelters.  Every day is a struggle for food, safety and survival.

Omar's family is struggling to survive in Jordan.  They are not safe.  Jordan’s situation becomes increasingly more volatile as the Syrian civil war continues to rage.

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